Magnifo is a Turkish Software House located in Bangladesh.
Develops applications

Client Testimonials

Magnifo has analyzed the needs and demands of Quattro Business Consulting and developed a web site for us by combining their experience with the demands of Quattro. The web site developed for Quattro by Magnifo has been conducive to our needs and demands and also it is suitable for visitors to recognize the Quattro and to access freely to the information they seek on the web site. We can say that, the key factors differentiating Magnifo from other companies serving in this sector are the support they gave us by contacting to us immediately in meeting the demands and in updating the web site, timely and in budget completion of the site, their expertise, their subject mastery and the skills about quick, practical and nominative solutions development.
Hande Ocak Başev, Managing Partner / Quattro Business Consulting

BASIS Member